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Electrical Fan Regulator
Electrical Fan Regulators have significant role in controlling electrical power supply to fans. With having maximum 40 degree C operating temperature, these accessories are appreciated for their excellent thermal properties.
Electrical MCB
Electrical MCBs are used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings to avoid power overload and short circuit. Designed as per IEC specifications, these electrical products remain functional for years after years.
Electrical Module Plate
Electrical Module Plates offered by us have been designed as per global and national guidelines. Made of polyvinyl chloride material, these electrical products have long working life. These are dust and moisture protected.
Electrical Pin Top Plug
Electrical Pin Top Plugs are utilized to supply electrical power to electrical systems. Progressive molding technology has been adopted to design housing of these accessories. These are offered with two and three pins based choices.
Electrical Power Strip
Electrical Power Strips offered by us are equipped with multiple pins for attaching a number of electrical devices at the same time. These surge proof single sockets are offered with cord. 
Electrical Socket
This array of Electrical Sockets is known for its precise design and compact shape. These sockets comprise of three holes with different names and mechanism. Phosphor copper made internal section of these products has high conductivity level.
Electrical Switches
This range of Electrical Switches brings noticeable change in overall look of any building interior for their stylish appearance. As part of their mechanism, electric current passes through these switches when these are pressed to turn on lights. Offered electric accessories are totally protected against electric shock and high temperature. Electrical Switches offered by us are also useful for breaking the circuit in case the current flow is hindered.  These low maintenance and wall mountable switches are appreciated for their stain and scratch protected surface, ease of handling and standard safety features. Customers can avail these in different sizes and design choices.
Electrical Wiring Accessories
Electrical Wiring Accessories offered by us are acknowledged for their high temperature proof design and long lasting quality. Standard quality, high insulation level and low installation cost are their key aspects.
LED Bulb
LED Bulbs are known for their low energy usage rate and Eco-friendly mechanism. Developed as per RoHS specifications, these lights are mercury free. These have 120v input voltage and 220 degree beam angle.
LED Tubes
LED Tubes are considered as energy efficient lighting solutions for their advanced chip design. Bright lighting quality, quick installation process and class 2 protection rating are the key aspects of these products.
CCTV Camera
This array of CCTV Cameras is perfect for night and day time surveillance purpose for their IR based image capturing function. Built in Wi-Fi connectivity and compact shape are the key aspects of these products.